Hydraulic Elements and Systems Yambol, or for short, HES Yambol, is a 100% privately owned company, founded in 1968 in Yambol, Bulgaria on the area of 91 016 m².The 40-year-long experience of the company is significant prerequisite for the quality and precision of the production that the company offers to the market. The products manufactured by HES Yambol vary widely by type and size: starting from precise cylinders for robots to unique for their size and work load cylinders for building machines and ships.

HES Yambol lays the beginning of its business relationship with RAPID PROGRESS LTD. back in the year of 2012, when they bought Kompas-3D and Kompas-Graphic. In the beginning of 2015, however, this partnership was re-established with the upgrade of the two software products, that the company has been working with from the year of 2012 until present, to their latest versions – Kompas-3D v15 and Kompas-Graphic v15. A business decision like the one made by HES says a lot about the quality of a product, its return on investment and the maintenance and service provided by the software reseller.

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