“AVA-M” Ltd. offers a full range of elements for equipping professional kitchens – work tables, sinks, carts, racks, basins for washing trays, contactless sinks. Also available are specialized tables for “Product Preparation”, BAIN MARIE (water heaters) for the “Issue” area, refrigerators for the “Cold Kitchen”. The products are made with configuration and dimensions according to the technological design and executive realities.

The products are made according to individual orders or as part of complex furniture. Each object is visited and measured by our specialists, which allows to optimize the design specification with a view to the best use of the kitchen space and creating conveniences for operation.

Since this year, ABA-M has introduced ESPRIT solutions into its production cycle as part of its strategy to channelize its processes and optimize costs. The Rapid Progress team is firmly convinced that this is the next correct step in the direction of modernization and strengthening of the company’s market positions

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