EME Introduces ESPRIT

EME AD decided to join the ESPRIT family in Bulgaria and introduce the functionalities of the powerful products in its production. The company was established in 1973 in Smolyan with sound activity in the field of contact and switching elements for the electrotechnical industry, radio engineering, electronics and household engineering.  It  has partnerships with well-known companies such as Schneider Electric Bulgaria Ltd, FESTO Production Ltd, Phoenix Contact, Tyco Electronics, Hummel AG and others. The company maintains good business contacts, both with its Bulgarian partners and with foreign companies. Produces finished products and tooling for companies from Germany, Iran, Russia, Turkey, Macedonia, etc. Esprit solutions will give the company additional efficiency and expand its capabilities to fulfill a bigger variety of orders.

AVA-M is Already Our Partner

  “AVA-M” Ltd. offers a full range of elements for equipping professional kitchens – work tables, sinks, carts, racks, basins for washing trays, contactless sinks. Also available are specialized tables for “Product Preparation”, BAIN MARIE (water heaters) for the “Issue” area, refrigerators for the “Cold Kitchen”. The products are made with configuration and dimensions according to the technological design and executive realities.

The products are made according to individual orders or as part of complex furniture. Each object is visited and measured by our specialists, which allows to optimize the design specification with a view to the best use of the kitchen space and creating conveniences for operation.

Since this year, ABA-M has introduced ESPRIT solutions into its production cycle as part of its strategy to channelize its processes and optimize costs. The Rapid Progress team is firmly convinced that this is the next correct step in the direction of modernization and strengthening of the company’s market positions

ZMM Sliven Combines Traditions and Modern Technologies

ZMM Sliven decided to bet on high precision and implemented Esprit products in its production processes. The company ZMM – BULGARIA HOLDING EAD was established in 2001 as a subsidiary of Industrial Holding Bulgaria AD – one of the largest industrial groups in Bulgaria, ranked among the ten most promising stocks for 2022, according to the ranking of v. Capital.

ZMM – Bulgaria Holding EAD was created to unite, preserve and develop more than 70 years of experience and good traditions of four enterprises, manufacturers of metal cutting machines – ZMM Sliven AD, Mashstroy AD, Mashinostroene AD and Leyarmash AD.

Stepping on this basis, ZMM – Bulgaria Holding EAD managed to strengthen the international positions of its production and orient itself to modern trends in the development of mechanical engineering. The company strives for continuous improvement through the use of modern technologies and RAPID PROGRESS is a valuable partner on the way to achieving this goal.

Enpay Transformer Components Already Uses Esprit

Enpai Transformer Components is the next strategic partner with which Rapid Progress begins partnership. The company put its production facility into operation in 2017 in Shumen. Its transformer components are fast becoming a sought-after brand worldwide. Esprit’s solutions will make it possible to reduce the company’s production costs, as well as to bring products to market faster, which will establish Enpai Transformer Components as one of the leading companies in the industry

Evelix Chose Rapid Progress

Rapid Progress is proud to announce its partnership with Evelix, which has decided to invest in ESPRIT solutions to add additional power and flexibility to its manufacturing processes.

Evelix is a global supplier of linear motion and actuator solutions used in automation, automotive, medical equipment and mechanical engineering. As part of the SKF Group in the past, Evelix is represented by 16 sales companies and eight factories worldwide. The Evelix company generates net sales of 230 million Euros and the company employs 1,400 people. Evelix is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. The owner of the company is investment group Triton.

In 2020, the company invested in the opening of a new factory in Sofia, Bulgaria, which will be the largest production center of the group. Our mission is to develop Evelix’s experience in offering solutions for industrial automation, mobile mechanization, industrial distribution and other industrial applications and to satisfy even the most demanding requirements of our customers.

The introduction of Esprit products is further proof of the company’s firm commitment to continuous modernization and technological improvement.

Garant Will Now Rely on Esprit

“Garant” is an enterprise established in 1964 as part of DSO “Hydravlika”. At the beginning it produced brake cylinders and systems, later it absorbed the production of gear pumps, brake cables and spare parts for carts. At the beginning of the 70s, valves and hydraulic stations were added to the nomenclature. Since 1977, it has been part of the Hydraulic Products Factory, and in 1980 it was separated as an independent enterprise with the production of five groups of products: brake cylinders; brake cables; valves and regulators; gear pumps; hydro aggregates. Since 1997, the enterprise has been 100% privately owned with the legal form of a joint-stock company with the object of activity development and production of engineering products and units and trade with them in the country and abroad.

The management team of Garant openly declares its aspiration to offer high-quality products, correct service and implementation of innovative materials and technologies. As a result of this policy, the company decided to introduce Esprit into its production processes. At Rapid Progress, we are confident that the functionalities of this product will significantly contribute to improving the company’s efficiency and significantly reduce production costs.

RAIS Invests in High Technologies

For more than 25 years, RAIS has been the leading company in the Balkans and in Europe for the production of CNC machines, tools and equipment for various sectors of the industry.

The RAIS portfolio includes various types of CNC milling and turning machines, three-axis centers, five-axis centers, horizontal machining centers, single-spindle and two-spindle lathes.

RAIS offers not just machines and equipment, but complete solutions to its customers. They get a fully customized machine based on their needs and their job. RAIS provides complex solutions through production time estimates, tooling, start-up, training and after-sales service of all types of CNC metal cutting machines.

Another good strategic decision was made by the management team of RAIS – to trust RAPID PROGRESS EOOD with an investment in a solution that will improve production efficiency – ESPRIT CAM

Hitachi Energy Bulgaria Is Gaining Momentum with Spaceclaim

Hitachi Energy Bulgaria decided to rely on Spaceclaim’s proven 3D design products to improve the efficiency of its design teams.

The company is a global leader in power and automation systems, systems, products and solutions to serve the entire chain: generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid.

Its business serves clients in the utilities, industrial, transportation and infrastructure sectors and focuses on addressing key areas such as renewable energy integration, grid automation and more.

With the introduction of Spaceclaim, Hitachi Energy Bulgaria categorically states its motivation to rationalize its production processes.

BA Glass Is the New Large-Scale Partner of Rapid Progress

In 2017, the Portuguese BA Glass Group acquired the former Druzhba glass factories in Sofia and Plovdiv from the then Greek owner. In 2018 the revenues of the Bulgarian company are about BGN 250 million, in 2019 they increased nearly 4 times – to over BGN 1 billion and in 2020 they exceeded BGN 1.8 billion, which makes BEY Glass the third largest industrial company in Bulgaria (only after Aurubis and Lukoil and side by side with Astra Bioplant/Bulmarket). Currently, the company’s employees are around 700. The Portuguese owners are implementing an investment program for BGN 600 million with a strong export orientation of the two plants.

The company has the firm intention to keep up with modern production trends and as a result decided to introduce Esprit CAD/CAM into its processes through a partnership with “RAPID PROGRESS EOOD”. The software opens up new possibilities in the field of fine-tuning the quality of details, increases efficiency and reduces the time of the production process. Visual simulation of manufacturing technology provides further cost reduction by eliminating the need to use machine time for tests.

Optomechanik Continues to Modernize

“OPTOMEHANIK” OOD took a decisive step to optimize its production processes by choosing Esprit. The company is a member of “Opticoelectron Group” AD and is the main production unit on the territory of the “Opticoelectron” Industrial Park. The company produces details and assemblies in the field of fine mechanics and optomechanical production for the civil and defense industries. The company has a programming workshop equipped with high-tech machines with CNC control for the production of details with a complex geometric configuration and an accuracy of up to 0.002 mm. We specialize in the production of prismatic casing and rotary parts; cylindrical and bevel gears from module 0.2 to module 4 in serial production, in single parts to module 6; gear racks; combs up to module 1.25 with a length of up to 400mm; automatic details; galvanic and varnish coatings; Non-standard equipment; mechanical assemblies; instrumental equipment.

The additional capacities that the company will receive with Esprit will help it establish itself as one of the leading factors in this industry.