Rapid Progress Ltd. – The CAD/CAM Expert company, presents a new extension to ESPRIT CAM

Rapid Progress Ltd proudly presented the functionalities of the company’s newly developed applications for ESPRIT CAM System under the brand name of CAD/CAM Expert Apps, in front of an Indian audience. The company hosted a webinar for the team of ESPRIT India and 7 of the local resellers.

During the presentation were shown tools that greatly extend ESPRIT platform and in the same time add value to the full package. 


CAD/CAM Expert Apps is an extension to ESPRIT CAM System and uses the full power of its API. Currently there are 5 tools released, but more are on the way. Rapid Progress aim is to widen the world of the programmer, break into art and make machining more fun with its ImageTo2D and ImageTo3D apps. Also help laser and plasma owners with Nesting Pro. While giving the machine shop owners a very powerful tool in the face the Part-Cost-Price Addin.

Part-Cost-Price AddIn

Part-Cost-Price AddIn is a Cost Estimating Software for calculating the production price of a machined part and generating a quote or a full report. The software is based on the pricing method, which determines the price based on full-costs plus pricing. This method eliminates losses by allowing appropriate steps to be taken in the whole pricing process. 

Key points of this tool are:

The audience was surprised to see the ease of work with the tools and their functionalities that give new possibilities in ESPRIT CAM System. The resellers saw an opportunity to include CAD/CAM Expert Apps in their offers in order to give advantage of the whole ESPRIT package in front of competitive products.

The feedback of the webinar was very positive and some of the reactions of the audience were that “It was very useful and every shop floor need this solution”, “it is really good product to sell”, “Great features”!

Stay Tuned

Rapid Progress Ltd will kindly answer any questions regarding CAD/CAM Expert Apps at:


Stay tuned as new tools are under release. In the coming months the company is preparing to launch a Feed Rate Optimizer, new intuitive 3D CAD Tools, 3D Nesting, Automatic Dimensioning Addin, Oscillating Milling and others.

Arexim Engineering finalized their partnership with Rapid Progress

Arexim Engineering has proven to be one of Rapid Progress’s valuable strategic partners and has increased its ESPRIT capacity as part of its strategy to modernize its production processes. The company is a leader in the production of technical plastic products and tooling for them.

In 2004, its production base was moved to a new, significantly larger area, modernized and fully equipped.

Since the beginning of 2011 the production arsenal has been enriched with the most modern technology for multicomponent casting of parts, and since 2014 a Central material supply system has been put into operation. Nowadays, the company continues to increase its workload and rely on the latest technologies. ESPRIT CAM is a guarantee that these efforts will lead to the desired results.

Optix Ltd and Rapid Progress began their partnership

The functionalities of ESPRIT have found application in the production processes of Optics AD. Established in 1998 as a 100% private company, OPTIX specializes in the design and manufacture of optical, optomechanical and optoelectronic units and products for military and civilian use. By competently applying modern technologies, OPTIX performs the entire production process – from design and implementation of prototypes to serial production of elements, assemblies and appliances.

The production meets all the requirements of the European and world standards – DIN, MIL, ISO, BS. The modern design, ergonomics and high technical characteristics of the products manufactured by OPTIX are comparable to the best world models and arouse reasonable interest from leading companies in the optical, medical and defense industries.

With the introduction of ESPRIT CAM, the company declares its firm intentions to continue optimizing its productivity and expand its markets in Bulgaria and Europe.

Rapid Progress implemented a monitoring system in Alucom

Rapid Progress is proud to announce that it has finalized its innovative data monitoring project for CNC machines and has successfully implemented it in the manufacturing processes of Alucom, Pleven. The system is based on the CIMCO DNC-MAX and CIMCO MDC-MAX products and provides the ability to collect and analyze machine data by delivering real-time performance information at each stage of the production cycle.

Alucom was established in 1967. as an aluminum casting plant, which supplies production for machine building, cartography and military industry in Bulgaria and other European countries. Despite the geopolitical changes and reorganization of the business since 1990, the company succeeded in establishing itself in the new market conditions. Nowadays, it works with long-term customers from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Belgium, and 60% of the production is destined for export. In the last few years, the interest from foreign companies has increased.

A key factor for the success of the company is the continuous efforts for modernization and innovation and the introduction of monitoring of production data is the next important step in this direction. The Rapid Progress system is a complete solution that automatically records and processes production data. It easily generates reports and charts containing comprehensive equipment performance calculation, cycle time, downtime, setup time, fault time, and so on. With this innovation, Alucom will be even better equipped to meet the new challenges of the dynamic market environment. Rapid Progress will continue to be a trusted partner for the company and provide the most accurate solutions for each of its problems.

Prox 2 chose ESPRIT’s functionalities

Prox 2 chose Esprit to optimize its production processes and improve the quality of its products. The company was established in 1998 with main activity gas-oxygen cutting. It produces details in medium to large series, as well as unique single pieces. The management of the company is convinced that the introduction of the latest technologies in production will bring a strategic advantage over competitors in the industry.


ESPRIT’s functionalities have been applied in the production of industrial equipment through Precise-SC. The company was established in 1990 аnd for a relatively short time, it has established itself as a competitive structure in the design, development and implementation of instrumentation equipment. The introduction into production of high-tech and productive machines with CNC allows the company to offer precision custom-made products developed by the customer, machining of details with complex configuration, production of plastic articles and machined parts for customers from Bulgaria, Germany, the Netherlands , Switzerland and others. With the introduction of ESPRIT CAM, the company has announced its strong intentions to optimize its productivity and expand its markets in Bulgaria and Europe.

Vaniko Ltd. and Rapid Progress are developing their partnership

Rapid Progress is pleased to announce its next significant partner Vaniko Ltd., which invests in ESPRIT CAM technologies. The company was established in July 1992 by three mechanical engineers. The main activity of the company is production of parts, machine units, machines, design and manufacture of tools (molds, injection molds and punches), design of technologies and technological equipment, heat treatment.

With the official opening of its machine-building plant on July 4, 2008, the company takes another decisive step towards establishing itself as a serious and reliable business partner.

The next important step on its path of development was made on November 26, 2015 with the opening of a Center for Vocational Training, expansion of production and a new administrative building.

Today the staff of the company is over 200 employees, people with extensive experience, motivation and education. This allows it to be flexible and precise in fulfilling its commitments to customers and continuously increase the volume of production. The company’s management believes that the implementation of ESPRIT will greatly facilitate this process.

Elna LTD supports ESPRIT

ELNA Ltd. became part of ESPRIT family in Bulgaria. The company was established on December 21, 1990. in Gabrovo and has specialized in the development and creation of products in the network of power electronics:

Manufactured products are designed to best meet the individual needs of each customer. This leads to high flexibility and efficiency of the results, which is the main mission of the company.

The product is certified in accordance with European quality and safety requirements and has the CE mark.

The company has successfully sold its products in many countries on all continents. Among clients are companies from: China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Germany, Canada, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Turkey, Indonesia, Kenya, Bangladesh, Syria, Egypt and others. We are convinced that cooperation with Rapid Progress will contribute to even greater efficiency of ELNA Ltd. and will open new horizons for the company’s creative team.



RAPID PROGRESS proudly announces its valuable strategic partnership with one of the largest military production companies in Bulgaria – Dunarit AD. The company has been recognized by international companies as an enterprise with traditions that has retained the experience of generations in the design, production and trade of military and machine-building products. Along with the commencement of civilian production – equipment for dental laboratories, rail maintenance, machine repairs, automotive equipment for the Propane Bhutan gas station, plastic parts and tooling, the company started a policy of modernization and improvement of its production processes. That is why the management of the company turned to RAPID PROGRESS – a reliable partner in introducing new technologies. Dunarit AD took the strategic decision to invest in ESPRIT CAM and SOLIDWORKS – a proven complete combination for a closed production cycle, delivering efficiency from the conceptual birth of the product to its materialization and marketing. The added strength and flexibility of the two products will strengthen Dunarit’s position in international markets and open up new business opportunities for the company.