The demonstration of WIDIA tools took place in the plant of MILCO Ltd. only a week ago. DTL Trading Ltd. – authorized representative of WIDIA for the Bulgarian market, MILCO Ltd and RAPID PROGRESS LTD were in charge for the organization of the event. The Open Doors Day consisted of two main parts: presentation of the upgraded and new tools by the expert representatives of WIDIA for Bulgaria and Europe. Following the presentations was the demonstration of some of the CNC machines in the plant of MILCO Ltd., the postprocessors for which were generated with ESPRIT CAD/CAM.

RAPID PROGRESS LTD. had a significant role in the demonstration by performing 5-axis and 3-axis turning demo on LITZ LU800 and FIRST V43 with HEIDENHAIN iTNC 530 controllers, and last but not least, 2½ – milling of parts on GOODWAY CNC machines with FANUC controllers. Furthermore, the experts team of RAPID PROGRESS LTD. took the opportunity to demonstrate the work process of the software for CNC monitoring – CIMCO MDC-Max, for the purpose of which real data produced by the CNC machines of MILCO connected in a Ethernet network, were used successfully. The real simulation in ESPRIT CAD/CAM of the operations taking place in front of the visitors was also a crucial part of the demonstration since visual analysis is of high importance for the efficiency of the work process and the quality of the end result. A valuable experience for the visitors of the Open Doors Day at MILCO Ltd. was the opportunity to observe the process of three-dimensional printing of parts which was executed on the 3D printer CubePro, developed by 3D systems – a pioneer in the three-dimensional printing technology.

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