Rapid Progress is pleased to announce its next significant partner Vaniko Ltd., which invests in ESPRIT CAM technologies. The company was established in July 1992 by three mechanical engineers. The main activity of the company is production of parts, machine units, machines, design and manufacture of tools (molds, injection molds and punches), design of technologies and technological equipment, heat treatment.

With the official opening of its machine-building plant on July 4, 2008, the company takes another decisive step towards establishing itself as a serious and reliable business partner.

The next important step on its path of development was made on November 26, 2015 with the opening of a Center for Vocational Training, expansion of production and a new administrative building.

Today the staff of the company is over 200 employees, people with extensive experience, motivation and education. This allows it to be flexible and precise in fulfilling its commitments to customers and continuously increase the volume of production. The company’s management believes that the implementation of ESPRIT will greatly facilitate this process.

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