Rapid Progress is proud to announce that it has finalized its innovative data monitoring project for CNC machines and has successfully implemented it in the manufacturing processes of Alucom, Pleven. The system is based on the CIMCO DNC-MAX and CIMCO MDC-MAX products and provides the ability to collect and analyze machine data by delivering real-time performance information at each stage of the production cycle.

Alucom was established in 1967. as an aluminum casting plant, which supplies production for machine building, cartography and military industry in Bulgaria and other European countries. Despite the geopolitical changes and reorganization of the business since 1990, the company succeeded in establishing itself in the new market conditions. Nowadays, it works with long-term customers from Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Austria and Belgium, and 60% of the production is destined for export. In the last few years, the interest from foreign companies has increased.

A key factor for the success of the company is the continuous efforts for modernization and innovation and the introduction of monitoring of production data is the next important step in this direction. The Rapid Progress system is a complete solution that automatically records and processes production data. It easily generates reports and charts containing comprehensive equipment performance calculation, cycle time, downtime, setup time, fault time, and so on. With this innovation, Alucom will be even better equipped to meet the new challenges of the dynamic market environment. Rapid Progress will continue to be a trusted partner for the company and provide the most accurate solutions for each of its problems.

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