Rapid Progress Ltd proudly presented the functionalities of the company’s newly developed applications for ESPRIT CAM System under the brand name of CAD/CAM Expert Apps, in front of an Indian audience. The company hosted a webinar for the team of ESPRIT India and 7 of the local resellers.

During the presentation were shown tools that greatly extend ESPRIT platform and in the same time add value to the full package. 


CAD/CAM Expert Apps is an extension to ESPRIT CAM System and uses the full power of its API. Currently there are 5 tools released, but more are on the way. Rapid Progress aim is to widen the world of the programmer, break into art and make machining more fun with its ImageTo2D and ImageTo3D apps. Also help laser and plasma owners with Nesting Pro. While giving the machine shop owners a very powerful tool in the face the Part-Cost-Price Addin.

Part-Cost-Price AddIn

Part-Cost-Price AddIn is a Cost Estimating Software for calculating the production price of a machined part and generating a quote or a full report. The software is based on the pricing method, which determines the price based on full-costs plus pricing. This method eliminates losses by allowing appropriate steps to be taken in the whole pricing process. 

Key points of this tool are:

The audience was surprised to see the ease of work with the tools and their functionalities that give new possibilities in ESPRIT CAM System. The resellers saw an opportunity to include CAD/CAM Expert Apps in their offers in order to give advantage of the whole ESPRIT package in front of competitive products.

The feedback of the webinar was very positive and some of the reactions of the audience were that “It was very useful and every shop floor need this solution”, “it is really good product to sell”, “Great features”!

Stay Tuned

Rapid Progress Ltd will kindly answer any questions regarding CAD/CAM Expert Apps at:


Stay tuned as new tools are under release. In the coming months the company is preparing to launch a Feed Rate Optimizer, new intuitive 3D CAD Tools, 3D Nesting, Automatic Dimensioning Addin, Oscillating Milling and others.

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