Spartak relies on Compass 3D

Spartak has strengthened its partnership with Rapid Progress by renewing its subscription for  3D design product, Compass, and adding a license for another workplace. The company combines 80 years of experience with modern technologies and it is the largest Bulgarian manufacturer of ventilation equipment and a well-established name in the production of metal pallets and complex metal products according to the customer’s drawing in the last 10 years. Its production facilities and renewed technology fleet enable it to produce a wide range of metal products according to the customer’s drawing or sample, such as metal pallets and transport trolleys for the automotive industry, metal structures, parts and assemblies in mechanical engineering, metal boxes and safes, legs and metal components for office furniture, metal waste bins and many other complex metal products. Spartak works with clients from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and France and the functionalities of Compass 3D are a valuable weapon in conquering new markets.

Foxtech chose ESPRIT

Foxtech has chosen ESPRIT solutions for the purposes of its production, which will bring the company’s efficiency to another level. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of parts and assemblies. Its team is composed of highly qualified specialists who ensure the quality of the production process. Rapid Progress is grateful for the trust and guarantees that it will be a faithful partner on the way to achieving the company’s goals.

Yotov implemented ESPRIT in its production

RAPID PROGRESS EOOD can now be proud of another valuable strategic partner – Yotov OOD. The company processes metal: sheets, rods, profiles and the like from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze and copper. As a supplier, it offers complete solutions, often complex. Produces both single products and whole series. The introduction of Esprit will contribute to the further development of the company’s activities and will facilitate the marketing of its products.

Sirena improves its production efficiency

Sirena – Peshev and Co. recently joined the ESPRIT family and introduced the software product in their production. The company was founded in 2002, and its initial activity was related to repair and maintenance of cars. In the meantime, it started working as a subcontractor for the Austrian company Palfinger – a leading manufacturer of components for lifting equipment. Thus, the main activity of the company becomes wet painting. In 2006, again as a subcontractor of Palfinger, the company started assembling and welding crane elements. Since 2007 works with orders of Boet Stopson France for the manufacture and painting of aspirations, silencers, ventilation systems and fire doors. The implementation of Esprit will provide even more flexibility and will allow the company to perform even more complex orders.

Рапид Прогрес внедри допълнителни модули на ERP система по проект на ИАНМСП

В качеството на доставчик по договор за финансиране № BG16RFOP002-2.83-0061-С001 от 23.10.2020 г. от процедура № BG16RFOP002-2.83  по проект BG16RFOP002-2.015-0001   „Ваучерна схема за предоставяне на услуги за информационни и комуникационни технологии (ИКТ услуги) на микро, малки и средни предприятия (МСП)“ по Оперативна програма „ Иновации и конкурентоспособност” 2014-2020 г. и изпълнението на договор за ИКТ услуга BG16RFOP002-2.83-Se1, “Рапид Прогрес” ЕООД внедри допълнителни модули към съществуващата ERP система за интегрирано фирмено управление във фирма „Бари-7“ ЕООД.

ERP софтуерът е мощен продукт, който обхваща всички фирмени процеси, оптимизира тяхното протичане и подобрява цялостната ефективност на компанията. Системата Долибар е гъвкаво решение с отворен код, което прецизира своите функционалности за нуждите на всяка компания. „Бари-7“ ЕООД се спря на следните модули за соята дейност:

1. Модул за Управление на връзките с клиенти

2. Модул за Управление на Проекти и Възможности свързани с бизнеса на


3. Модул за Управление на търговия – генериране на предварителна

документация относно продажбите

4. Модул за Управление на складово стопанство

5. Модул за Управление на логистични процеси – транспорт и доставка

6. Модул за управление на производствени процеси

Ръководството на „Бари-7“ ЕООД изрази своята увереност, че партньорството с „Рапид Прогрес“ ЕООД, в комбинация с допълнителните възможности на внедрените модули, е правилната стратегия за модернизирането на фирмата.

Rapid Progress and Badeshtnost strengthen their partnership

The Rapid Progress-Badeshtnost partnership has been going on for seven years now, as the hydraulic system manufacturer has renewed its subscription for Esprit, the product that ensures it a strategic advantage over its competitors. Founded more than a century ago, the company is now one of the main producers in its segment in the Balkans. The company’s mission is to fully satisfy the requirements of its customers and the cooperation with Rapid Progress is a guarantee for that.