In 2017, the Portuguese BA Glass Group acquired the former Druzhba glass factories in Sofia and Plovdiv from the then Greek owner. In 2018 the revenues of the Bulgarian company are about BGN 250 million, in 2019 they increased nearly 4 times – to over BGN 1 billion and in 2020 they exceeded BGN 1.8 billion, which makes BEY Glass the third largest industrial company in Bulgaria (only after Aurubis and Lukoil and side by side with Astra Bioplant/Bulmarket). Currently, the company’s employees are around 700. The Portuguese owners are implementing an investment program for BGN 600 million with a strong export orientation of the two plants.

The company has the firm intention to keep up with modern production trends and as a result decided to introduce Esprit CAD/CAM into its processes through a partnership with “RAPID PROGRESS EOOD”. The software opens up new possibilities in the field of fine-tuning the quality of details, increases efficiency and reduces the time of the production process. Visual simulation of manufacturing technology provides further cost reduction by eliminating the need to use machine time for tests.

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