“OPTOMEHANIK” OOD took a decisive step to optimize its production processes by choosing Esprit. The company is a member of “Opticoelectron Group” AD and is the main production unit on the territory of the “Opticoelectron” Industrial Park. The company produces details and assemblies in the field of fine mechanics and optomechanical production for the civil and defense industries. The company has a programming workshop equipped with high-tech machines with CNC control for the production of details with a complex geometric configuration and an accuracy of up to 0.002 mm. We specialize in the production of prismatic casing and rotary parts; cylindrical and bevel gears from module 0.2 to module 4 in serial production, in single parts to module 6; gear racks; combs up to module 1.25 with a length of up to 400mm; automatic details; galvanic and varnish coatings; Non-standard equipment; mechanical assemblies; instrumental equipment.

The additional capacities that the company will receive with Esprit will help it establish itself as one of the leading factors in this industry.

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