RAPID PROGRESS LTD. can now be proud with another valuable strategic partner – Strimona Stroi. Strimona began operation in 1997 as a commercial company in the field of trade with metals. Market conditions at that time allowed development of the recycling of steel structures. Some years later the company decided to invest in metalworking and manufacturing. Consequently Strimona Stroi began to develop the concept for complete construction of an industrial project, convinced that this would win the trust of more and more investors. Today the company is one of the largest producers on the Balkans with a production capacity of approximately 4500-5500 tons per year. The production facility of Strimona group has a total area of 28,000 square meters and includes five production workshops and an open production site served by crane. Recently, the company invested in implementation of Esprit in their production processes, by which it unequivocally states its desire to constantly follow the latest trends in the industry.

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