ESPRIT is a high-performance computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for a full range of CNC machines and machine tool applications. This software has been developed by DP Technology Corp. – a leading developer and provider of software tools for programming of mills, turns, EDM machines, as well as multifunctional CNC machines. After successfully proving to be a provider of one of the most reliable and powerful CAM systems in the world, the management of ESPRIT decided that it is time to establish strong position in the market of Eastern Europe, and for this purpose they chose one of their most trusted partners for the position of regional representative – Rapid Progress Ltd. The Bulgarian CAD/CAM expert has successfully proven their professionalism and unmatched competency through the years regarding the leading product in the portfolio of the company – ESPRIT CAD/CAM. The team of Rapid Progress Ltd. managed to win and to justify the trust of a big number of manufacturers in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Romania and others throughout the last six years. A series of training sessions, seminars, open doors and many other events took place for the purpose of presenting the capabilities which the end user of ESPRIT can take advantage of, in order to optimize their workflows and to significantly increase the production levels. Precisely because of all these efforts and the high level of their CAM proficiency, Rapid Progress Ltd takes a deserved position to be a representative of ESPRIT CAD/CAM in Eastern Europe, what is more, the company accepted the responsibility to build a successful network of authorized resellers of ESPRIT CAD/CAM.

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