Astroida Ltd. starts operating in 1990 with the production of wire feeders for welding machines. Gradually, the company expands its operations by beginning to specialize in the field of detail machining, meetings and articles for machine-building. In addition to its manufacturing operations, Astroida starts producing hydraulic components, precise details and assemblies for optical and opto-mechanical appliances. Today, the company has established its own traditions in the manufacturing of a variety of hydraulic parts, all of which are widely distributed not only throughout Europe but also in South and North America. For the fulfillment of its business needs, Astroida Ltd. has acquired innovative technological equipment, certified specialists and long experience gathered throughout the years, and undoubtedly this is the formula leading the company towards continuous business success. An essential element of this formula, however, has been added recently through the collaboration between Astroida and RAPID PROGRESS LTD. – the implementation of ESPRIT CAD/CAM in the work process of Astroida Ltd. marks a new business partnership in the history of RAPID PROGRESS LTD and another successful investment in the technological progress of the company.

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