VESITON Ltd. is a company, which finds its beginning in the year of 2005 with a main scope of activity – manufacturing of machine equipment; in addition to that, the company produces also non-standard metal parts, separate units, spare parts and entire machines. VESITON Ltd. is located on the area of 5000 sq. m. in Botevgrad, Bulgaria, and has at its disposal a variety of CNC machines, such as mills, lathes, EDM machines and grinders, thanks to which the company’s production complies with the high requirements of its clients not only in Europe, but also in the USA. The newest tool acquired by VESITON is ESPRIT CAD/CAM, implemented and technically supported by the team of RAPID PROGRESS LTD. Due to the investment in the power of innovations, VESITON Ltd. has now the real opportunity to reach the maximum work capacity, implied in the CNC machines of the company.

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