Expense report requests

Let your employees fill in their expenses reports. A permission system tell who can and can’t record such requests.

Join any files (proof of purchase, receipts, bills, …) to the expense report.

Define the type of expense reports in the dictionaries, so you will be able to have accurate statistics. If you use the module Accounting, each type of expense may be dispatched into a different accounting account.

Link expense reports to your lead/projects and retrieve them in the project overview.

Validate and send e-mail for approval

Validate your expense report for approval. An E-mail is generated automatically and sent to the employee supervisor.

Approve the expense report

As a manager, find all the expense reports waiting for your approval, and validate or refuse them.

Refuse the expense report or approve it. And let your employee know why an request was refused.

Pay the expense report

Follow which expense report was payed or not.

Export data

Use the export wizard to export all the data required by your bookkeeper or by any payroll providers.