You can create polls to determine the best date for a meeting, to vote for an election, or any other topic. Several options such as receiving email for each vote, writing comments, make vote public or private can be enabled.

Create the poll or survey and add the questions you want to ask

Choose the best type of poll matching your need (date poll to select different days/hours in a calendar, or vote/standard poll to select with a list yes/no or for/against). Define the title, a closing date and a description that will be displayed on the public or private poll page. Create as many questions/answers as you need.

For each poll, choose among several options like :
– Receive an email for each vote.
– Allow voters to add comments in the poll.
– Allow voters to see or not other people’s vote.

The module will give you an URL related to your survey to allow people to vote with any browser…

Ask your employees, colleagues or partners to vote

Send the created poll link by email or put the poll link online on your website, so people can vote and maybe post comments. All this in few clicks only.

You can also use the mass emailing module of Dolibarr to inform your contacts of the poll availability !

Read and download the poll results

In the end, you can administer your polls and surveys, read, download and analyze the results of your polls and surveys from the back office.

Retrieve all your polls, closed or open. Find a summary of votes and details for each voters, read comments. Close or re-open a poll at any time.