Create your employee / user accounts

Create user accounts for your employees (internal users) and / or for your customers, suppliers or partners (external users). Creating an account for your employees will allow them to access data in Dolibarr and to interact on any enabled features such as third parties, business documents, and any modules according to their permissions.

Creating a user only requires saving a name, a login and a password. Many other options and data can be set, like its job position, gender, notes, attaching external files, status… Set also a user color so you can identify easily user events on the agenda module.

Define the hierarchy of your employees / users

Set the hierarchy of your employees, so when filling in leave requests or expense reports, the supervisor of the employee will be informed to validate the request.

Define hourly rate for each of your employees


Define an hourly rate for each employee, so if they use the timesheet feature, their time spent will be converted into a value in your currency. If you use the module Project, you will be able to see cost of time spent by your employees as part of profitability of your projects.

Set user e-mail and a nice corporate email signature

Saving an e-mail on users card will allow those users to send e-mails from Dolibarr. Their signature will be displayed in each e-mail sent from Dolibarr.

Set permissions on your users or groups

You can prevent user to have access to Dolibarr features and confidential data defining user permissions on user card permissions tab.

If you have a lot of users, create groups, define permissions on groups and assign users to those groups.

Personalize display for each user

Each user can personalize its environment, including language, theme, entry page but also dashboard.

Leave requests, expenses reports, timesheets

Depending on enabled applications and on permissions, users will have the ability to create leave requestsexpense reports or create timesheets. Leave request like expense reports will have to be approved by a supervisor who will be informed by e-mail when a pending leave request or expense report appears.