Create Contract with subscribed services

Create your contract from your prospect/customer sheet, or in one click by reusing a proposal or an order.

Include predefined products/services to save you time, or enter full content manually.

If predefined fields does not match your needs, add your own fields of any type (string, amount, date, checkbox, combo list, ) to the form.

A PDF of your contract is automatically generated and updated.

Change status of your services (“Running”, “Disabled”) and end date at any time. Attach notes or files to your contract.

Convert your customer contract into one shot or recurring invoices

You can convert your contract into one or several invoices. If your contract is dedicated to follow a recurring service, convert it into a recurring template invoice: Define the frequency, amount, date of first invoice and/or a maximum number of invoice. Your template invoice will be pre-filled with data of your contract services, then invoices will be generated automatically.

A link is saved between your template invoice and your contract so any generated invoices will also be linked to your contract.

You can change, at any time, the content of your contract or the content of your template invoice (so the way you will bill your customer) independently.

Follow and manage your contracts and services

Check which service is expired or about to be expired. Renew your contract / service end date or close them if required.

Export your Contracts and services with their status with the Export module to reuse them with third-party tools, or connect directly your existing BI suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.