Create your Invoices

Create your invoices (common invoicesdown paymentscredit notes) from scratch or from your customer sheet. Depending on the modules/features you enabled, you can also generate your invoice from your proposals (module Proposal), your orders (modules Order), your contracts (module Contract) and/or interventions (module Intervention). If the module margin is enabled, margin can be calculated from the best supplier, the cost price or the Average Weight Price of your products. You will get margins statistics per product, customer, date…

Include predefined products to save you time, or enter full content manually.

If predefined fields does not match your needs, add your own fields of any type (string, amount, date, checkbox, combo list, ) to the invoice form.

Your invoices can also be generated automatically using the recurring template invoices.

The document of your invoice (PDF, ODT, …) is automatically generated and updated.

Send your invoice and manage payments

Send your invoice by Email directly from the application. Use your predefined email templates so your email content is automatically filled.

Generate a Direct Debit SEPA file for automatic batch bank payments and follow its integration by your bank. Close your invoice to paid automatically once bank has processed your SEPA file.

Provide your customer a link to pay online, using Paypal, Stripe, Paybox, …

Reuse down payment into another invoice to reduce the amont to pay or reuse a credit note into another invoice to reduce the remain to pay.

Follow status of your open Invoices

List and display all your orders. Choose which information you want to see on your lists. Filter and sort them on any criteria.

With the batch feature, send easily reminds for all your unpaid invoices.

Analyze your billing performance

Use predefined statistics pages to get useful information of your sales representative performance.

Reuse your invoices with other modules

Export your invoices into the ledger of the accounting module to get your accountancy done automatically in few clicks.

Export your Invoices and payments with the Export module to reuse them with external tools, or connect directly your existing BI suite to the open database for Big Data analysis.