Garant Will Now Rely on Esprit

“Garant” is an enterprise established in 1964 as part of DSO “Hydravlika”. At the beginning it produced brake cylinders and systems, later it absorbed the production of gear pumps, brake cables and spare parts for carts. At the beginning of the 70s, valves and hydraulic stations were added to the nomenclature. Since 1977, it has been part of the Hydraulic Products Factory, and in 1980 it was separated as an independent enterprise with the production of five groups of products: brake cylinders; brake cables; valves and regulators; gear pumps; hydro aggregates. Since 1997, the enterprise has been 100% privately owned with the legal form of a joint-stock company with the object of activity development and production of engineering products and units and trade with them in the country and abroad.

The management team of Garant openly declares its aspiration to offer high-quality products, correct service and implementation of innovative materials and technologies. As a result of this policy, the company decided to introduce Esprit into its production processes. At Rapid Progress, we are confident that the functionalities of this product will significantly contribute to improving the company’s efficiency and significantly reduce production costs.

RAIS Invests in High Technologies

For more than 25 years, RAIS has been the leading company in the Balkans and in Europe for the production of CNC machines, tools and equipment for various sectors of the industry.

The RAIS portfolio includes various types of CNC milling and turning machines, three-axis centers, five-axis centers, horizontal machining centers, single-spindle and two-spindle lathes.

RAIS offers not just machines and equipment, but complete solutions to its customers. They get a fully customized machine based on their needs and their job. RAIS provides complex solutions through production time estimates, tooling, start-up, training and after-sales service of all types of CNC metal cutting machines.

Another good strategic decision was made by the management team of RAIS – to trust RAPID PROGRESS EOOD with an investment in a solution that will improve production efficiency – ESPRIT CAM