Rapid Geometry Modification

Because of streamlined workflows and dedicated CAD for analysis tools, users often see model pre-processing time cut down from weeks or days to hours or minutes. No longer do you have to outsource CAD modifications to another department or firm. SpaceClaim was built to empower every engineer and analyst to quickly modify and optimize CAD files. Whether modifying existing geometry or creating simplified representations, SpaceClaim removes the geometry bottleneck and lets engineers focus on the physics. True simulation-driven product development is now possible with SpaceClaim handling all your front end geometry needs.

With SpaceClaim you can also parameterize any model of your choosing. This means rapid changing of dimensions as your design needs change. SpaceClaim also supports scripting functionality for the creation of geometry not supported in the native UI, or the automating of repetitive tasks. SpaceClaim has a bidirectional linkage to Ansys Workbench to you can take advantage of design iteration studies, and the seamless integration of geometry to other Ansys products.

Taking advantage of SpaceClaim’s unique modeling paradigm enables you to remove traditional 3-D modeling bottlenecks. It is an ideal solutions for engineers who don’t have time for CAD but want to get fast answers using 3-D. As simulation-driven design initiatives become more widespread, look to SpaceClaim to lead the way.