ZINCOMETAL S.A. was established by Stergios Aslanidis Mechanical Engineer in 1996, roughly 45 km from Thessaloniki. To meet its upcoming manufacturing needs, the company has also opened showrooms and sales offices in Athens, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria as well as manufacturing facilities in Sliven, Bulgaria. The main scope of activities of the company is the Manufacturing, Designing and Selling Complete Systems & Solutions in wide range of product categories, such as:

  1. Lighting poles & Masts
  2. Luminaires
  3. Autonomous Solar Lighting Systems
  4. Road guardrails
  5. Industrial gratings
  6. General Steel Structures
  7. Metal parts for Distribution & Transmission Electrical power

The Experience, Professionalism and the Trust of its customers, place ZINCOMETAL SA in the leader’s position in the Greek market, gaining also a remarkable part of sales in the European market! Thus, in order to keep their leading position, ZINCOMETAL SA invested in a trustworthy business partner – RAPID PROGRESS LTD. through the purchase of an ESPRIT CAD/CAM license bundled with a year-long support by our team of licensed experts.

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